Steel Work

  • Fabrication and erection of steel and aluminium Hull according to IACS / ship building standard
  • Hull Block fabrication, alignment and erection
  • Repair / Renewal of Steel / aluminium Hull Structures and Pipe lines.

Steel Outfit

  • Fabrication and Erection of Hull outfits like Ladders, Manhole, WT doors and hatches, Sliding door, Bulwark, Bollard, mooring eyes, Fenders etc., according drawing or to suit at site
  • Fabrication and installation of Machinery foundations, LSA and FFA seatings etc.,


  • Fabrication of Pipe lines, installation and testing to the required international standard
  • Flushing and Commissioning of pipe lines


  • Machinery installation, commissioning and Maintenance viz Main engine, Generator, Pumps, Fi Fi etc.,
  • Reconditioning of Shafts and Bearings


  • Air Pressure tests / Hydro tests of Hull structures and tanks
  • Pressure testing of all kind of pipe lines including Hydraulic lines


  • Surface preparation and coating of Hull (Underwater and above water area)
  • Power Tooling

Under Water Services

  • Hull cleaning, Underwater Hull survey, Repair, Pipe laying etc.,

Other Services

  • Hull survey and estimation of materials / cost / Loss
  • All type of cargo loading / unloading and Lashing
  • All kind of Civil construction works including cleaning and Maintenance
  • All kind of electrical works
  • All kind of Manpower supplies as and when required